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[vc_row][vc_column width=»2/3″][alc_staff_bio_card staff_id=»default» link=»url:%23|title:Go%20to%20the%20Team||» title=»Staff Bio Card»][alc_post_loop items_per_page=»2″ max_items=»10″ title=»Staff Related News» link=»url:%23|title:See%20All%20News||» taxonomies_tags=»coach»][/vc_column][vc_column width=»1/3″][alc_social_buttons values=»» css_animation=»none» style=»grid»][alc_newslog title=»Staff Newslog»][alc_newslog_item item_type=»join» date=»December 19, 2015″]Jenny Thomps is now the new Team Recruiter for the East Coast Colleges.[/alc_newslog_item][alc_newslog_item date=»September 26, 2014″]Robert Frankson will have a surgery and will be out for a month. Interim coach will be Frank Roberts.[/alc_newslog_item][alc_newslog_item item_type=»join» date=»September 26, 2014″]Max Stevens is now the 2nd Team Doctor after a succesfull run in the Sharks.[/alc_newslog_item][alc_newslog_item item_type=»exit» date=»August 12, 2014″]Tommy Flankers left the team after 2 years as the 2nd Team Doctor.[/alc_newslog_item][alc_newslog_item item_type=»join» date=»April 19, 2014″]Patrick Storm is now the new Team Recruiter for the West Coast Colleges.[/alc_newslog_item][alc_newslog_item item_type=»join» date=»November 27, 2013″]Alexa Polson is now the new Athletic Trainer after a succesfull run in the Pirates.[/alc_newslog_item][alc_newslog_item item_type=»join» date=»February 15, 2012″]Savannah Lavender is the new Team Nutritionist with more than 500.000 followers.[/alc_newslog_item][alc_newslog_item item_type=»join» date=»March 22, 2008″]Robert Frankson is now the new Alchemist Coach after a succesfull run in the Lucky Clovers.[/alc_newslog_item][/alc_newslog][/vc_column][/vc_row]